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Bistro Masa Kiralama ve Kiralık Masa

November 3, 2017

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Palmiye Soba Kiralama

We are honored to be your chosen address for your Palmiye Soba Kiralama business.

For years, we have been renting quality stoves to our customers at quite fair prices.

Our satisfied customers recommend us around and thus our network is getting bigger.

Today, Palmiye Soba Kiralama is done by most of the companies; however, the quality of the rented products differ from firm to firm and that situation poses a danger to the customers.

We only hire products which are both well-maintained and of high quality, also not dangerous to your health.

It is quite important to us to gain your trust and provide happiness.

The price for daily Palmiye Soba Kiralama is 165 TL+KDV.

You can contact us via phone for the shipping price.

We also have service via e-mail and Whatsapp

We currently  have palm pyramid, mushroom, umbrella, and tubular stove types.

You may use these products in your organizations, such as in your garden, at your cafe, in your weddings and lastly for the



The fully-filled tube is also included in our price. Our products are of high quality and useful products.

We also make sales of it. The price of sale is 1650 TL which is chosen from the best quality products among the markets.

For renting both long-lasting and high-performance products, you should immediately contact us.


Palmiye Soba Kiralama is the product group that we hire the most in the cold winter months. Here, we are talking about a candidate that

shall be equal to the meaning of elegance and quality in dictionaries. Do not forget that it is limited to stocks. Also,

do not forget to reserve for your varios organizations in advance. The sooner you contact us about organization, the more

healthy service you get in total.


Telephone: 0541 429 44 34

Adress: Kazım Karabekir, Ozan Street No:4/A Ümraniye/İstanbul

Republic of Turkey

This is a Irem Isleyen company. Good luck, good days!

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